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Lewisburg West Virginia is located in the southeastern corner of the state, near the Virginia State line, and is a town rich in history and scenic splendor. Nestled among the forested Allegheny mountains of southern West Virginia and with access to the Greenbrier State Forest and the New and Greenbrier Rivers, Lewisburg is an outdoor lovers' dream. Sports enthusiasts enjoy hiking, rock climbing, white water rafting, canoeing, mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding. Numerous outdoor activities abound all year long, and Lewisburg is also host to a number of arts and crafts fairs and outdoor theater productions under the stars. The mountains around Lewisburg turn orange, gold and crimson in fall, offering a colorful backdrop to the many harvest festivals that dot the area. Wintertime brings it's own special magic, offering fantastic skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and sledding. For a small town, Lewisburg has a surprising and very diverse arts scene. Traditional homespun arts and crafts can be found here, along with several fine art galleries in the historic downtown area. Many fine artisans have moved to Lewisburg, inspired by the peace and scenic beauty of the Appalachian Mountains. Other services such as lodging and dining are abundant in Lewisburg, making it a great vacation destination you will remember for years to come. Entertwined among the unique shops and restaurants are nearly seventy 18th & 19th century buildings that have put Lewisburg on the National Register of Historic Districts. This is a town that is a must see for Civil War buffs – historical landmarks, old cemeteries and battlegrounds abound in the area. Some of Lewisburg’s buildings still bear scars of the battle fought there, and a mass grave outside of town holds the remains of 95 unknown Confederate soldiers killed at the Lewisburg battle. Tours of historic Lewisburg are given via horse drawn carriages.

Lewisburg serves as the county seat for Greenbrier County and has a permanent population of only around 3600, but of course, it seems much more than that with all the tourist activity in the area. Greenbrier is known as one of West Virginia’s most beautiful counties, with rugged mountains to the west and broad savannahs to the east. Aside from the history and outdoor sports, Lewisburg is also known as the cultural hub of Greenbrier County. The town is home to an award winning theater that is housed in a converted barn and features works by famous writers such as Neal Simon. The theater regularly plays to sold-out audiences. You’ll also find live music at various spots around town – and sometimes even street musicians. Lewisburg is even home to Carnegie Hall, which was built in 1902 as part of the Greenbrier College for Women and was a gift from Andrew Carnegie. The center sponsors a diverse arts series, and includes a museum, art galleries and dance. Lewisburg is featured in the book, “One of the Best Small Art Towns in America,” by John Villani and was named one of National Geographic’s “Best Small Town Escapes.”


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